Why We’re Re-branding

A note from Nick about our re-brand…

As we enter our third year of business, we’re introducing our new brand. It’s a BIG day!!

For an agency – communicating what we do and the results of our work is key to our success.

This is a challenge we tackle every day for our clients; but when you’re busy building other people’s brands it’s so easy to neglect your own.

Before last year we were working more-or-less entirely on events, and before we started working within some other sectors we had some time to reflect on what we offer as an agency and how we talk about it… so the path to our new brand started.

Digital marketing is a complex subject – it’s always changing, there is an ocean of variables from channels to advertising to content to social – all of which need to be carefully considered in the context of a marketing campaign – it’s what we do and we love it. The devil is always in the detail and finding the devil and making it work for our clients is our passion… but explaining that we deliver a full spectrum of detailed services is, if you’re not a digital marketer, not very interesting!

I was fortunate to bounce around some thoughts on this subject with Robin Wight last year. Robin is a hero of the brand and marketing world; former president of Engine Group, co founder of WCRS, and Hon. Colonel of the 77th Brigade… to name a few of his incredible accomplishments. When it comes to brand, there isn’t really anybody more qualified.

I went into detail explaining the ins-and-outs of what E1 does as a business – much in the same way as I used to with prospective new clients. Even for someone as clue’d up as Robin – I had difficulty helping him gain a workable understanding of what we do in a short timeframe, so from that point onwards my goal was to simplify it and make it more accessible.

I eventually boiled down what we do to this:

1. PLAN: We work in harmony with our clients to develop ambitious digital strategy.

2. RUN: We operate campaigns with meticulous attention to detail.

3. GROW: We harness insight, evolve and iterate our approach to drive continual improvement.

Which in a few sentences captures very neatly how we approach all of our work now.

So, now we needed a way to represent this visually, and to refresh our brand. We also decided to remove ‘Agency’ from our name – who’s that helping anyway?

The next task was to commission a new visual direction that could communicate our ‘Plan Run Grow’ approach to marketing. I’ve been an enormous fan of Studio Moross’s work for a few years, their work in the events world is hard to miss, and commissioning them to work with us on this is one of my proudest moments, and filled me with excitement at getting it out there.

We’ve ended up with a simple, playful and hard-to-forget brand that says in very short order how we approach our work without getting lost in all the details.

So there you have it! The story of E1 Media’s re-brand. We hope you like it! If you’re like to hear more, give us a shout 🙂


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