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What’s in a Community?

In social media terms, a community is a place where like-minded people can share and express their opinions around a common interest. With a staggering 620 million groups, Facebook is by far the most popular platform for online communities.

These groups often have far higher levels of engagement than the average social media post. They act as a hub where users can post photos, share content and discuss related topics.

This makes them excellent marketing tool for brands – you can have your most loyal and engaging fans in all in one place.

For example, our Noisily Festival Community has over 4,000 of their most dedicated fans. Here, the ‘Noisily Family’ can ask enquire about the festival, share videos and build genuine excitement around Noisily Festival 2020.

In their own words, the community contains:

“big characters, big ideas, dynamic dysfunction and enthusiasm that knows no bounds”

Facebook’s new algorithm favours community and real conversations. 

Because everyone in the group has shown serious interest in your brand, it can often be more effective to your focus marketing efforts here instead of far-reaching ad campaigns. 

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