What Marketing Trends do we Expect to See in 2022?

The social media landscape has definitely evolved and become essential for businesses nowadays. What trends can be expected in 2022? 


TikTok was viewed as an unnecessary platform for businesses to add to their social strategy, it’s a platform for children and dancing. If that’s true, why are so many platforms now integrating video-based content? Instagram reels are a good example, even Twitter is testing video-based content. This inspiration is coming from TikTok. 

Videos don’t need a high production value to go viral. Although there are definitely tips and tricks to help the success of a video:


  • TikTok favours content that is watched over and over again. 
  • Leave reveals for the end of a video. 
  • Add a ‘wait for it’ text on the video for the end reveal. 
  • Scroll through the discovery page and see if there are any trends that lend opportunities to your brand. 
  • Pop a top-performing song as the audio. 
  • Reach new audiences by adding a few trending hashtags.


What is a creator? 

The term influencer is more commonly used but we’re moving away from that and into content creators. Brands have been quick to overlook using creators in their campaigns because of the negative perceptions towards influencers. But working with skilled creators can be valuable, building awareness among relevant audiences, driving engagement and generating ROI. 

Creators have their own supportive audience and usually have a high following on social media so using them to promote to their audiences adds a whole other reach that your brand doesn’t have already. 

Including creators in your marketing strategy is already big, it’s going to get bigger in 2022. 

Instagram video

Or video content in general. 

The biggest takeaway from this post, video content will be massive in 2022. Video content is ever-evolving, we have a recent blog post about Instagram moving from IGTV to Instagram video. Customers are more likely to interact with videos than text. People enjoy watching videos. Capitalise on that popularity by adding video content to your social strategy in 2022. 

Why should YOU use video content? Well… your competitors most likely are. Videos boost engagement and brand association more than static posts. Engagement is increased because videos allow audiences to retain information, it presents information more visually. Showing rather than telling an audience.  

Videos drive results meaning higher conversions, 90% of people say videos convince them to purchase a product.

Development in ADVERTISEMENT

There has definitely been a decline in organic reach, if you’re not advertising in 2022 you may struggle to gain reach and engagement solely on organic posting. The average reach for a Facebook post is 5.2%. Increase your social ad budget in 2022. Elevate your brand with specific targeting. 

That being said, I’m not saying scrap organic content. It’s about balance. You don’t want to come across as sell, sell, sell all the time. Behind any paid ad strategy there is a thriving, consistent organic strategy.

The use of customer service

Social media is now much more than a place for people to connect and share content. It’s a retail platform, a place of product discovery, a customer service platform. Many customers directly reach out to brands to sort issues or rave about their products. 

Over the years these interactions with brands have grown. It’s important to respond effectively creating a positive relationship with your customers. There are repercussions to not answering a customer well. A tip would be to start to draft responses for different situations you could have, also making an FAQ page might be a good start if you don’t already have one.


These are just some of the trends that will dominate 2022. Optimise on these trends so you can stay ahead of your competitors and ace your social strategy. 





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