What is Discord? The new marketing tool

Discord is a mobile and desktop application used for communication between users. It serves a similar purpose to Skype, Microsoft Teams or Hangouts on the calls and messaging side, with some features resembling those of the collaborative business application Slack.

One of its main goals is to help users communicate while playing multiplayer video games, but it can be used for many other purposes, such as communicating with friends and family, with your work colleagues or with school teachers and classmates.

The main feature that makes Discord stand out from other applications is their servers.

what is a server?

A server is similar to a group chat, but it provides you with the ability to divide the group in different topics, assign roles to the members and moderate content.

This is what a server looks like:

Chloe Ting's Server


  • Servers you have joined will appear as small icons.
  • Once you open the server, you can see different categories and subcategories in which you can participate.
  • Members can have a different level depending on their engagement with the community and the role they have been assigned
  • The different categories contain channels.
  • Channels can be either text or voice channels, and voice channels are popular for video games.
  • On voice channels, you have the option to share your screen or turn on your camera and easily convert a call into a video call!

creating a server

Any user can create their own server and invite members over to start a community. To create your own server, simply click on the green plus sign on the top left-hand corner and select “Create My Own”: Discord provides a basic guide to new users which goes into more detail on specific things you might want to try, such as changing your profile picture or creating your own emojis! You can access the guide here.

discord and Digital Marketing

Chloe Ting’s server is a great example of how to use Discord to improve your marketing strategy. She is a fitness YouTuber who created a Discord server in order to help users motivate each other while completing challenges and giving each other advice, as well as to promote her videos and Instagram posts for quick interaction!

Chase and Status also use Discord in order to interact with their fans and share their new musical content. As well as Chloe, their server contains different channels where members can discuss new music, tour dates and suggestions that might benefit the music duo in their future projects.


Discord as a marketing channel

Companies that run a digital or technological business may find Discord to be a great place to advertise their new products, obtain feedback on developing projects and share special offers with their members.

Other companies might not find Discord as successful for their marketing strategy since the app is used mainly to host gaming sessions or share game plays with other users, but some influencers and celebrities have found the app to be a great place to grow their community and expand their digital marketing.

If your company thinks Discord could improve their marketing strategy, don’t hesitate and start a new server!

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