We Need Your Help

The ongoing pandemic has been detrimental to the live events scene we hold so dear here at E1 Media Agency.

We’re witnessing first-hand the challenges our clients are facing. Parable, Phase Croydon, Electric Brixton and countless more have had to pause their operations almost overnight.

It’s particularly difficult for independent festivals, with big and small events being cancelled around the world.

The future of Noisily Festival is in serious jeopardy.

We’ve worked with Noisily for over 3 years, since before E1MA even existed as a business. From strategy and community management to content creation and live-streams – we’ve poured our heart and soul into this festival.

Not only are they our clients, but they’re our friends. We want to do our utmost to ensure there is a Noisily Festival for years to come.

That’s why we’re supporting the #SaveNoisily campaign.

Having invested significant funds into the now-postponed 2020 festival, Noisily need to raise £150,000 to safeguard its future. 

Almost 10 years ago my new friend Lachie asked me to help him and his pals on some marketing activity for a party they were putting on. I even built the website myself !

The festival has since shaped my appetite for electronic music and arts, not to mention my career in events marketing.

The party they put on is second to none, words can’t describe the fun I’ve had in Coney Woods; a testament to the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into the show from the incredible crew that put it on every year.

It’s absolutely critical that we #savenoisily

… Without it our summer will lose its most important fixture in underground electronic music, and we will all lose one of the last places in the world we can really let go.


A wise man once said “Only tell the good ones” in reference to Noisily, and I couldn’t agree more.

6,000 people, lost, by choice, in the woods. The production alone is just mind-blowing, not to mention the elaborate array of art, music and the Mind Body Soul area that go with it. It creates a certain euphoria amongst those who attend that is indescribable.

Alongside the amazing people that attend year on year, the founders are something else – it’s been an absolute pleasure to work with the Noisily team for 3 years, and I really hope this isn’t the last.

We’re all going to need a bloomin’ good party at the end of all of this, and let’s hope it’s Noisily 2021. For those of you who haven’t been yet, dig into your pocket’s for Noisily’s crowdfunding campaign, you won’t regret it. See you in the Woods, and remember, only tell the good ones! – Joey

There’s something really special about Noisily, it’s just got so much going for it for a festival of it’s size! The intimate setting beneath the canopy of the beautiful Coney woods, coupled with the immense amount of thought that goes into every aspect of the festival leaves you with a lasting feeling of warmth long after you depart from the woods.

From production, sound and stage architecture right through to the catering, arts and entire ethos of the festival – all are thought out and planned to the nth degree in such a creative way, and all tie together to form a really exceptional experience. – George

If you would like to find out more or donate, please click here.

These are extraordinary times, and it’s going to take an extraordinary effort from everyone to save our live events scene – starting with Noisily Festival.

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