The Antidote To Content Fatigue

E1 Media help clients grow their brands and increase sales through innovative and creative digital strategy. Often this revolves around content.

The questions we most often hear are:

“How do we make our content perform better?” 

“How do we get more engagement on our posts?” 

“How do we improve results on our ads?” 

When determining answers to these questions, one of the main issues we see is, CONTENT FATIGUE. 

Content Fatigue can be the nemesis of good social media practice, here are some ways you can identify and correct it for now, and avoid it in the future.

1. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience

When planning and creating content we put ourselves in the audience’s shoes. Through research you’ll understand the problem your customers are facing and content they’re already looking at.

2. Be aware of the consumer journey

Being aware of the journey your customer takes is vital in helping you produce content to keep them fully engaged along that journey that will often include the following stages:

Need recognition  
The consumer recognises a need for the service or product. Content should stand out and create desire for your brand at this early stage.

HubSpot founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah noted that: “Customers and prospects actively seek out brands that provide engaging and valuable content that is relevant to their needs”

Information search  
Most consumers don’t purchase without research. Create content which answers their questions and solidifies their belief.

Alternatives evaluation
Consumers will assess comparable alternatives. Ensure your content is incomparable and gear it towards convincing the customer YOUR product is superior.

Post-purchase satisfaction
Once they have purchased it doesn’t stop there. If they have purchased your brand, further develop loyalty to the customer creating content strategy that makes them feel part of a community even after they’ve purchased. If they haven’t, keep them reminded of who you are for the next time they need you.

3. Create content that feels new and unique to your brand

Don’t create content for the sake of content. Outdated formats and overdone concepts can be a major factor causing content fatigue.  

Challenge yourself and/or your agency to create content that feels new, innovative and engages your consumer at the right stage in their journey.

4. Vary & update content regularly

At E1, as a creative agency we value the importance of varied content. A pool of creative assets is essential. The more often you update ad creative, the more potential you have for improved performance.

In order to maintain consistently high quality content output we work closely with our clients to develop creative, produce, publish and feed performance insight back into the briefing process. This way we can achieve a conveyor of assets that are tuned to the clients needs and aware of what’s effective.

Contact us at E1 Media if you would like to have more information about this topic. Follow us on our socials for more content and updates!

Some examples of our creative & content production

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