Stay Apart. Game Together.

“We’re looking to brands to promote a sense of well-being and positivity across the country, to give a shot in the arm to the general public as they begin to venture back out of home, making people feel good about themselves and, in turn your brand.”

Proposed Idea:

The electronic billboards are all connected together and scattered through London. Facing the billboard, street level, is a scannable QR code that enables anyone with a smartphone to control the billboard, using the small screen as a remote controller for the game that will be played on it. The billboard then matches the player to another, who may be connecting from any other billboard. In places where it is impossible to install a QR code, taking a picture of the billboard itself opens the webapp where the virtual controller is. Two players are then thrust into a quick paced arcade game, where the only form of communication is via emotes and emojis. Think Pong, but across the city, across people, crossing boundaries.

Watch a video of a proposed billboard in action:

Platform’s Billboard Strategy:

During lockdown and these unprecedented times, we have all found ourselves with something we have never had before. Time, to enjoy, to entertain ourselves, and find purpose. But after a couple of months, and days that just feel like the one before (the week becomes 3 days long: yesterday, today, and tomorrow), after having been through all of Netflix’s most obscure movies, everyone has had that itch to get out of the house, it’s just in our nature. In the new normal however, this is not to be taken lightly. Life is actually starting to feel more and more like the video games we fell back in love with during our time in confinement – it’s stressful, dangers are lurking, London becomes a map, the tube level is scary.

So, there is nothing better than to get a chance to reload. To live in a danger-free, but challenge-full world of online gaming. And when you are out, you can still use those newly honed playful skills, with our interactive billboards to have fun, safely, but most importantly connect with one another from across the city. And if you want to get closer, and challenge each other safely, you can still make your way to Platform, the safest venue to eat, drink and partake in some social gaming.

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