Our Recipe for Shareable Content

Social media is the most cost-effective tool for sharing content and increasing the visibility for your brand. However, creating shareable content is now harder than ever. The algorithms have dramatically reduced reach for organic posts. 
So, what makes your audience stop, stare and share?

Below we discuss what IS shareable content? What makes content shareable? And how we can help you develop shareable content for your strategy.

What is shareable content?

Shareable content is the modern day ‘Word of Mouth.’
The concept of ‘Word of Mouth’ today, often develops in a different format, as content.  Sharing content across an array of different platforms multiplies its speed of distribution and reach.  For a brand, shareability makes social media much more interactive than any website. Not only does shared content increase exposure  but it creates an opportunity for brands to engage more deeply with existing and  potential customers, as the act of sharing has the potential to create an implied endorsement. 

Why should we be creating shareable content?

More shares. More Traffic. More Engagement. More Leads.

Increase reach
As a viewer interacts with a post, there is more chance other people will also see it. Your profile may have 400 followers of which many may see your post, but then imagine a percentage of your viewers have 1000+ followers each, who have shared your content. Shared content has the potential to exponentially increase your reach across social platforms. It’s likely that the followers of the person sharing have like minded interests, so they may even follow your account too. 
Builds brand engagement
Having a social media platform allows your brand to build its reputation and conversion rates. The more a user interacts through following, liking, and sharing your posts the more reputable your brand seems. When consumers see your content shared on their feeds, they will begin to remember your brand and associate the popularity of your business with a higher quality of services and customer satisfaction. The brand recognition can turn into better conversion rates. Harnesses the power of your audience’s voice. If you’re unsure about purchasing something, whose opinion are you more likely to trust? A stranger? Or a friend you’re connected to?
When consumers share your content, they’re not only helping your reach but more importantly, providing an implied endorsement of your brand.  Your audience grows with each share and a new level of trust also has the possibility to transfer to your content and your brand. 

The recipe for shareable content

What is the difference between a piece of content you aimlessly scroll past and a piece of content that makes you stop, watch, and ultimately, share? 

Learn from your competitors. What are they sharing and how are their audiences engaging with the content being shared? See what your competitors are doing, take the best examples, improve on them and make them your own.

Tell a great story  
Storytelling is an important part of making shareable content. Allowing your audience to see themselves in a given situation, making it relatable, to their day-to-day experience. Craft content that has a clear beginning, middle, and end. After watching, you should be able to answer the question, “Did my content relate to them and get them from A to B clearly?” 

Engage emotion
Engaging an emotional reaction through your content will heighten the chance of it being shared. When content brings back a memory, connects with a personal experience or is linked to a familiar person, the barriers to sharing are vastly lowered.

Validate and make it relatable 
Creating content that validates your audience’s thoughts and feelings will equal an easier share. Having proof from a reliable source (you) reinforces that your audience is correct.

How can you create that content though? 
•  Think about your demographic, what are their interests. 
•  What do people in your industry care about? 
• What opinions have they already posted about and what they’ve already had positive reactions towards? 
• Make your content useful.

Solve a problem 
Making your content useful to the viewer will encourage shares. A New York Times study found that 90% of users will assess the usefulness of the content before sharing it. So have your content solve a problem, which hopefully includes your product in some way. Use a strong CTA. This could be a simple click-to-tweet or an encouragement to share this post with someone else who gains more by seeing the information you provide.  

Find what’s trending 
Creating content on relevant topics increases the chances your content will be shared. Looking for other angles at these trends could attract your audience. Although, don’t make your account look like a gossip/news channel. Assess the tone of different trends and make sure they’re relevant to your brand.

What’s next?

A few simple changes and a focus on making shareable content can increase the exposure and profile of your brand, and build a more genuine connection with your audience. Try out some of our tips above, and let us know how you get on!  

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