Our Creative Work

‘A picture can speak a thousand words’ and this holds true for marketing. Scroll-stopping, head-turning content is essential to success in 2021. An attention-grabbing mailer or billboard can be the difference between interest and conversions. 

That’s why we’ve upped our creative capabilities, from strategy to execution. Our new graphic designers, Matt and Meera, have busy creating everything from motion videos and animations to posters and illustrations. 

Learn a little more about the newest members of the E1Media and how they’ve been helping our clients Plan, Run and Grow.


“My initial thoughts when receiving a brief are used to sketch out my first concepts. Experimentation helps to develop the design further, along with interactions with the client to understand what they want to achieve with the design. Working with predominantly music-based clients means I am able to use my own musical inspirations to help inform my design.”

We’ve been working with the Nu Future team across the entire spectrum of shows they have planned this summer. The e-flyers, posters and promotional videos were all created in-house by the E1MA creative team.


“I work through stages, going back and forth between the client and the design work. The narrative to any project is integral to my process as it serves as a reminder of what needs to be communicated to the audience.”

“Subsequently, finding the creative direction early on in a project really helps me envision the final outcome. Research and sourcing references is also a significant part of my process as it allows me to explore the different styles that could be used to fulfil a brief. Ultimately, I love to have fun during the design and creative process and think this will always show in the final product.”

We’ve been heavily involved in the creative direction of London’s newest Hip-hop and R&B-led festival, Metrofest. Everything from the print & digital assets, to the artist videos, were created in-house by our talented team.

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