Noisily Festival

Set deep in the rolling hills of Leicestershire, Noisily Festival lies in one of the most beautiful wooded valleys in the country.

4000 people descend on the woods each year to enjoy Noisily’s incredible production, amazing vibe and community spirit.

We have worked with Noisily for over 3 years on their digital media strategy ensuring their online presence is second to none within the industry. We handle;

  • Media Buying Strategy: Assisting their team to driving awareness of the festival, traffic to the website, collect email data, and ticket purchases.
  • Mailouts: Using data from multiple avenues; lead gen ads, ticket purchases and website sign-ups to keep the audience informed on the latest festival news, offers and festival applications.
  • Community Management: Monitoring and interacting with the current Noisily fanbase and potential new audiences across social media and emails to ensure customer service is met to a high standard whilst maintaining the Noisily tone-of-voice to keep “on brand.”
  • Social Media Management: Planning, producing and distributing social content across all social channels to keep their social presence, reaching out and engaging with current and new audiences.
  • Market Research: Gathering data to to inform future marketing strategies. This involves surveys, competitor analysis, and sentiment analysis.
  • Reporting: Consistent performance reviews across all outputs to ensure we’re consistently achieving the best results possible on all of the above.
  • Ambassador Management: Managing the process of the Noisily ambassador scheme; promotion, signing them up, allocating their tickets and pushing them to sell more tickets.

Much like other clients, we had to adapt Noisily Festival‘s digital communications strategy in response to the pandemic. In addition to actively communicating the latest festival developments with the Noisily fanbase, we made sure we were still engaging with the community and keeping at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

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