How to get your song trending on TikTok and Reels

Whether you are an independent artist or representing one, you have probably wondered how to get that one song trending on TIkTok and Reels. Other people seem to get it right, so what is the trick behind it? Apart from being a bit lucky, there are a few things you can do to boost your audio on social media!

viral videos

First of all, consider the following characteristics:

  • Viral videos are usually around 15 seconds long & vertical aspect ratio
  • All videos are backed with an audio snippet (usually music)
  • Popular videos are pushed to a wider audience

getting started

Here’s 3 steps to get started:


  1. Upload the audio snippet to TikTok and Reels (preferably only 15 seconds).

  2. Study your track and narrow down the 15 seconds that have the most “TikTok virility potential. Think about things like catchy lyrics or rhythms.

  3. Choose your target audience and identify the influencers who will help you reach them:
    • Gen Z – TikTok may be the place to be
    • MillennialsInstagram Reels is a great place to start

To get your song and video viral, you can create a dance challenge, a lip-sync video, introduce great transitions following the beat, create a comedy meme, contests, or even get an Influencer Marketing Campaign going.


our tips

Finally, we have a list of 9 tips to get viral faster on both platforms:

  1. Use hashtags – If you choose popular or highly searched hashtags, you can boost your chances of your video appearing in TikTok’s “Discover” & “For You” tabs.

  2. Choose a theme that suits you.

  3. Try to understand what content is popular and why.

  4. A good ten videos can easily start a trend – get people you know to create the first videos.

  5. The TikTok “For You” Page (FYP) is very customized to your interests, whereas the Instagram Reels Explore Page is a melting pot of content.

  6. It’s important to keep consistently posting on Tiktok and Reels because the more you post, the more likely your content will show up on the Explore Page.

  7. Authenticity & group participation is more important than getting the perfect shot.

  8. Videos can be recorded in parts & edited together in fragments.

  9. Brands, businesses, and influencers are more selective on Reels and share more on-brand and aesthetically pleasing content.

Following these tips and being consistent on social media will help you or your clients get the boost and exposure you need to achieve greater things.

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