February Trends Report

Welcome to the newest insights from E1 Media, where we’re dedicated to bringing you the forefront of marketing trends, social media dynamics, impactful campaign showcases, and cultural happenings. In this edition, we explore the dynamic realm of social media, spotlighting ingenious works from recent campaigns, and offer a curated cultural calendar to keep you informed for the month ahead.

Social Media Updates


A handy new video editing option on TikTok

A small but useful new editing option is being added to TikTok. The new Cutout feature is very similar to the green screen effect but offers wider flexibility when it comes to adding different backgrounds to your videos.


Instagram is testing extending the “Close Friends Only” functionality to feed posts, which could encourage certain users to share more often.


Meta is adding more safety measures for teen users. New restrictions further limit who can send DMs to teens, and parents will now have additional controls and visibility.  


Instagram Trends

Trend 1: We’re Focused 

Use this trending, chilled out audio to share your POV.

Add it to a montage of video clips for the ultimate trip recap.

Audio: ethane . We are Focused 

Trend 2: Hiphop Drums 

Simply match some b-roll footage with this Run-D.M.C. beat, add text, and voila.

Think tips, reminders, or a lightbulb moment!



TikTok Trends

Trend 1: Unwritten x Intoxicated

Natasha Bedingfield’s 2004 hit “Unwritten” has had a renaissance over the past few months, and this new remix is no different.

Use it for fit checks, fun transitions, timelapses, or a carousel post. 

Audio: Unwritten x Intoxicated – Carter Wash 

See below: 

Campaign Spotlight

The spotlight shines on David and Victoria Beckham in Uber Eats’ Super Bowl 58 campaign; however, they appear less than ready for the task, as hinted by the brand’s teaser. 

February Cultural Calendar

February is a month brimming with cultural significance and celebrations, let’s take a glance at some notable events that you can leverage in your marketing efforts. 

Now over to you: What content are you going to share this month? Let us know in the comments! 

Leave a comment below. 

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