E1MA’s Favourite Instagram Accounts

We love Instagram here at E1 Media Agency. As we discussed in a previous blog piece, we know what it takes to create a stunning feed that attracts followers.

When we’re not curating our client’s accounts, we’re admiring the work of others. 

This week, the E1MA team choose their favourite Instagram accounts, based on both their cool content and their aesthetic appeal:

Joel – Grind London

I like the mix of content that this store provides, mixing typography, imagery, photographs, product shots and edits. I think the feed has a nice mix of all of these types of content and flows nicely as you scroll through it with a fairly consistent colour palette and style. I think it definitely sells the lifestyle/culture that it is trying to effectively.

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for your eyes only

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George – Godz Dnt Die

It’s just a big collection of weird/bizarre art basically. Sometimes it’s gross, sometimes it’s ugly, sometimes it’s a bit sexy but it’s just kind of works!

Joey – Taste of Streep

Everything you want in a feed when scrolling mindlessly through your phone; “a celebration of film, art, food & fashion” – with a lot of Meryl Streep mixed in! Instagram was made for creators, and Taste of Streep really celebrates imagination and creativity whilst tying in the foodie element. Incredibly random, it’s perfect for those days when all you want to see is Meryl Streep lying in a Babybel, or sleeping in a bed of fries… 

Ben – Scenic Simpsons

The Simpsons is one of my all-time favourite tv shows, and this account captures the iconic sitcom’s hidden beauty with these stills from classic episodes. The curator has a keen eye for detail that most people would miss.

Ziggy – Spanielziggy


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