How We’re Stepping Up Our E-Commerce Game

E-commerce has grown exponentially over the last few months. As the lockdown forced businesses to close their doors, consumers shifted their shopping habits online.

The UK has started the cautious re-opening of our economy, as non-essential shops once again open for business.

But the pandemic has fundamentally transformed consumer behaviour. 2 in 5 UK shoppers say they will make more online purchases after the lockdown ends. This is why at E1MA we are expanding our knowledge in the e-commerce industry. Primark’s sales dropped from £650 million a month to nothing because they lacked an online presence. This should be a wake up call to all retail businesses.

What We’ve Been Working On

A key ethos we believe in at E1 Media Agency is to learn by doing. You can read all the guides and news articles in the world, but to truly understand a subject you need to take initiative.

There’s a lot more to e-commerce than just ‘having a website’. From Drop-shipping and Social Commerce to Shopify – there are plenty of concepts that we needed to expand our expertise on. The more knowledge we have, the better we can serve our clients.

That’s why we’ve launched two brand new e-commerce projects – Living Thing and Horus Health.

Living Thing

Living Thing is a social-led clothing store – taking our expertise in social media to creating fun, on-trend garments for the modern consumer.

Living Thing allows us to build on the skills we already have – creative design, digital advertising, social media strategy – and apply them to the world of e-commerce.

To minimise waste and improve efficiency, we use a supply chain technique known as drop-shipping. We do not hold stock or deliver products – this is all handled by the manufacturer.

This allows us to spend more time designing products and refining the website. We will explore drop-shipping further in a future blog piece, but it’s worth looking into if you’re new to e-commerce.

Horus Health

Horus Health was set up to provide customers in the UK an easy and accessible way to purchase herbal and hemp-based health products. Until recently it has been notoriously difficult acquiring these in the UK despite being perfectly legal.

We decided that there was no one destination that had everything we were looking for for a reliable CBD service, so we made one ourselves.

Horus Health utilised all of the skills required to launch Living Thing and more – liaising with CBD suppliers and payment providers to ensure we comply with UK law around hemp-based products.

Many consumers aren’t familiar with CBD, we oversaw the creation of informative and trustworthy articles that highlight its wide-reaching benefits. 

Together, these websites have considerably boosted our knowledge within e-commerce.  We understand that many businesses will need to pivot online to survive in a post-pandemic world. 

Expect to see more e-commerce pieces on our blog in the near future, and check out both Living Thing and Horus Health to see how they’re progressing!

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