E1MA’s Digital Billboard Concept

We’re proud to present our entry into Ocean’s Crucial Creative Competition – ‘Stay Apart, Game Together’

Held by Ocean Outdoor, a pioneer in Digital Out-Of-Home advertising, this competition offers a generous £1 million worth of advertising space to help galvanise advertisers & agencies into action as lockdown eases.

“Now, more than ever, Ocean is inviting Britain’s brightest creative minds and brands to keep us safe and well by educating our citizens how to adapt to the new normal through relevant, positive messages or by simply making us smile” – Richard Malton (Chief Marketing Officer @ Ocean Outdoors)

‘Stay Apart, Game Together’

In collaboration with our client, Platform, our entry sees us take full advantage of the technological capabilities of electronic billboards.

The electronic billboards are all connected together and scattered through London. On the billboards are scannable QR codes that enable anyone with a smartphone to control the billboard, using their smartphone as a ‘video game controller’.

Two players on different billboards are then pitted against each other in a game of Pong – the beautifully simple arcade game that anyone can play. They can express their joy or frustration through emojis that pop up on-screen akin to a Facebook live-stream.

Lockdown has felt like a video game at times – with challenges to overcome and obstacles to clear. Our campaign sees Londoner’s test their newly formed gaming skills in a fun, social and most importantly safe manner. 

This is a fun experience that runs across London, across people and across boundaries. Brought to you by E1 Media Agency and Platform – London’s premier social gaming venue.

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