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How Awareness Days Can Be Your Content Lifeline

We are now in the awkward period where it is too late to post about Halloween but too soon to post about Christmas.

Awareness Days can be extremely useful for your business if you’re ever stuck for ideas on what to post. 

They are designed to draw attention to a cultural or social cause. These can range from national holidays such as St. George’s Day to the more tongue-in-cheek National Hangover Day (which, you guessed it, is the 1st January).

There are hundreds of awareness days, weeks and months that you can associate your brand with.

By using the relevant hashtags (e.g. #NationalPancakeDay), you can drive more traffic to your social media pages. 

Feel free to get creative with your posts – but make sure there is a genuine link between your business and the cause you’re supporting.  

It’s best to choose ones that align with your brand’s core values – fans may be confused as to why a clothing brand is celebrating British Sandwich Week.

(yes, it’s real)

For Noisily we created a post highlighting the importance of mental wellbeing – an important topic to both Noisily and their fans. By posting on World Mental Health Day, we organically reached over 4,000 people with 500+ engagements.

Man hugging woman for World Mental Health Day

Awareness Days are valuable opportunities to take advantage of an important or trending topic in a creative manner. With so many to choose from, you’ll never be struggling to come up with content ideas again.

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