57 Festivals host a series of comedy festivals across southern England, each seeing over 30 top-tier comedians perform across 5 days and nights…

This year, they’ve had to make a few changes to ensure it’s as safe and enjoyable as possible; an open-air setting, socially-distanced seating and food & drink purchasable via their app.

We have been advising on and executing their social media marketing strategy across their entire portfolio of shows, including Bristol, Brighton, St.Albans and Greenwich. This includes:

  • Content creation and launch
  • Social media timeline and channel management: Populating it with a variety of posts, tailored for each platform and carefully crafted copy that both reflects the comedy festival’s personality, driving sales and demonstrating the safety of the venue.
  • Media Buying: Supplementing our organic output, we created and maintaining ad campaigns, making sure they are seen by the right audiences.

The strategy has been effective with a 35-40 x ROAS, targeting both new audiences and previous ticket holders. This, alongside ensuring consumer confidence with our social distancing communication has contributed to a 2x year on year sales result over the same period from launch.

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