5 Must-Read Pieces from our Blog in 2020

We take a tour through our back catalogue to bring you the unmissable blog pieces from 2020. Over the past year we’ve covered topics spanning the breadth of Digital Marketing, from consumer behaviour trends to Covid-19 communications advice. Here are 5 articles that are worth reading again and again.

Has the Pandemic Changed Shopping Behaviour for Good?

Written during after the initial lockdown, we explored the impact Covid-19 has had on consumer behaviour, particularly when it comes to shopping. Using research and studies from credible sources, we illustrated 5 key trends that we expect to last beyond the pandemic. Most notably, the dominance of online shopping and the rise of the conscious consumer, which we explored later in our Green Marketing piece. We also present an argument for why certain trends might die as ‘pandemic trends’, such as hyper-local shopping.

Why Are ‘Stories’ So Popular?

sepia shot of a smartphone with Instagram open

Nothing captured the imagination of 2020 quite like vertical video. Words like ‘TikTok’ have entered the public discourse and aren’t going anywhere. We took a look at how Stories, the vertical format that gave rise to Reels and TikTok, become so unbelievably popular. The answer lies in a combination of classic consumer behaviour and digitally-enabled social trends. We don’t regale the history of social media. Instead, we look at the state of Stories in 2020 and what lessons can applied to your own digital marketing output.

Our Guide to Live-Streaming from Home

Live-streaming emerged as an unlikely hero during the pandemic. As lockdowns and social distancing rules restricted the possibility of live events, we brought the events to you. The E1MA have had a lot of experience producing live-streams for clients ranging from We Are FSTVL to Marvin Humes. We wanted to share our knowledge in a succinct but informative guide that covers the before, during and after of live-stream production. We also highly recommend reading our recent follow-up piece, which provides further advice on live-streaming this winter.

Should You Be Using Hashtags in 2020?

It’s a good question that we wanted to find out the answer to. Hashtags have been around since the early days of Twitter, but are now found everywhere. But in the age of algorithms and paid social, are they actually needed? We used analysed our hashtag use for Noisily Festival using Sprout Social and found some interesting results. We also include some of our best practices for hashtags, such as which to use and where to use them.

E1MA’s Top 5 Tips for Marketing Venues

massive crowd watches musician at electric brixton

This may have been written just before the pandemic tightened its grip on the UK, but the tips inside are still relevant today. This guide focuses on what you can do to make your venue more appealing to potential customers. Using our work with Phase, Platform and Noisily Festival as examples, we outline how to use photography to produce thumb-stopping social media feeds. We also emphasise the importance of consistent branding across your channels, and why micro-influencers are the best promotional vehicles you’ve never heard of.

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