15 Digital Marketing Websites You Should Be Following Right Now

We’ve scoured the internet for the very best social media & digital marketing resources so you don’t have to. We share our favourite websites, podcasts newsletters and other hidden gems that will keep you at the cutting-edge of the industry.

Avocado Social Media Club

“A friendly community for those looking to improve their social media marketing.” 

The Avocado Social Media Club is a great way to stay in touch with others in the same industry. Members of the community share useful apps, articles, jobs, and help each other out with issues that they may be having with social media platforms. It is a good way to share and keep on top of new trends, work out if you are experiencing bugs within platforms, or find out insights from other people in your industry. At a time where a lot of the population are working from home, communities like this are hugely important – giving another touch point for communication where some people may be alone – Joey, General Manager @ E1MA


Join their WhatsApp for regular marketing bulletins. Text JOIN to +44 (0) 74 9307 2286.

When you sign up to the Battenhall Social Media Broadcast, you receive a short and sweet summary of social media marketing news directly to your WhatsApp messages Mon-Fri. This quick WhatsApp message highlights things that you may want to read, without having a ‘spam’-type nature. It’s quick, easy, to the point and can be really helpful to find out new social media news, without scrolling through a RSS feed which you may have not had time to do in your working day – Joey, General Manager @ E1MA


Buffer is the software that I use to schedule the majority of posts for clients and as such I am signed up to their emails. They often share interesting things, such as webinars discussing their social media predictions for the upcoming year as well as updates to the platform that can be useful for insights and reporting – Joel, Head of Digital @ E1MA

Business Keeps On Dancing

“Bringing together festival and event industry thought leaders.”

The ‘Business Keeps On Dancing‘ webinars provide invaluable insight from industry experts and thought leaders around various topics. The focus on music and events helps bring together a community that is in dire need of support right now, and provide some inspirational discussions and advice. 

Following the webinars they started arranging ‘Clubhouse Q and A’ discussions. This opens up the panel to anyone who wants to get involved and has points to discuss – another great way for the community to come together and share experiences or concerns – Joey, General Manager @ E1MA


The Contently blog is a great resource for staying on top of innovations and ideas within the world of digital marketing. They have a lot of great guest writers as well as excellent staff writers who are very knowledgeable and enlightening – Joel, Head of Digital @ E1MA

E1MA Blog

Naturally, we’ve included the E1 Media Agency blog in this list! Over the past year we’ve written over 50 pieces covering everything from social media strategy to music industry news. Check it out if you haven’t already!

Facebook for Business

Given the amount of work we do on Facebook-owned platforms publishing and advertising, I do end up using this as a resource regularly, especially with new targeting restrictions coming into play this year it has tips to make sure we’re still targeting the right audiences with relevant content – Nick, Managing Director @ E1MA

HubSpot Blog

HubSpot itself is a popular marketing software, but the real gem is their blog. They produce short blogs and in-depth guides for pretty much every digital marketing trend. The website also contains useful tools such as website checkers, email signature creators, and infographic templates. They have a solid newsletter too, but if you find it too ‘sales-y’, then bookmark the page instead – Ben, Digital Marketing Executive @ E1MA


“The World’s favourite Instagram marketing platform”, Later has an excellent blog that’s full of colour and personality. Like HubSpot, their sleek articles cover all the key trends marketers need to know. I recommend subscribing to their newsletter, which is made to a very high standard – Ben, Digital Marketing Executive @ E1MA

Marketing Dive

Marketing Dive is another good source of general marketing info and updates. It doesn’t seem to be updated in all areas as regularly and most of the focus here is American. But I do like the specific sections on influencer marketing which highlights how brands are using influencers to their advantage – George, Senior Digital Consultant @ E1MA

Matt Navarra

Technically a person rather than a resource, Matt Navarra is a social media expert and industry commentator. I highly recommend following him on Twitter (@MattNavarra) as he’s essentially an amalgamation of all the best sources. He runs the ‘Geekout Newsletter‘ if you prefer to get your updates via email – Ben, Digital Marketing Executive @ E1MA

Nofilter News

Influence.co ‘s newsletter ‘nofilter’ is a great resource for staying informed on what’s going on in the world of influencers. It’s useful because it picks 3 or 4 key articles so you don’t have to wade through a lot of irrelevant information and it’s an easy and bitesize way to stay one step ahead – Joel, Head of Digital @ E1MA

Single Grain

Single Grain is another good one, offering broader tips and insights into marketing trends on their blog. Plus if you scroll to the bottom there’s also a marketing guides section which has loads of marketing info, I particularly like the “31 best digital marketing campaigns you can swipe” article, which not only lists the campaigns and why they worked well – but also offers key lessons to be learnt from each – George, Senior Digital Consultant @ E1MA

Social Media Today

Social Media Today is good as it always stays super current with the latest social media updates, from TikTok to LinkedIn it really covers all bases and provides informative, interesting articles to help you stay on top of all the social updates every day or two – George, Senior Digital Consultant @ E1MA


Although TechCrunch focuses on technology rather than digital marketing specifically, its an excellent place to learn about the wider industry. After all, you can’t really separate technology and marketing in 2021! Their articles are well-written, worldy and diverse – Ben, Digital Marketing Executive @ E1MA

Wired UK

Wired UK always some interesting science & technology reading and they usually feature key social and digital marketing news. The ‘future science’ section is where I usually end up – Nick, Managing Director @ E1MA

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